Let’s Talk Trees! Tree House FAQs

At Louka Treehomes, we love to talk trees! Here are some of our most talked about topics to help answer any questions you may have about a new luxury tree house.

What Kind of Tree do I need?

The best trees for your luxury tree home are ones that are well established within the environment, strong hardwoods are best to establish a stable base for your design. Our customer service team would be more than happy to assist you in choosing your location and can advise you whether there is a better suited option. Our team know a lot about trees! They will ensure that the perfect place has been selected based on aesthetics, security and safety, prior to design and build.

Will the Tree House Damage the Tree?

All structures will cause some damage to the tree as fastenings must be attached to them to support the home. However, trees are capable of healing from incredible amounts of damage and the hardware and methods we use, such as removing as little bark as possible to protect the tree, are designed to minimise damage to the tree and allow it to remain healthy. By ensuring our construction methods are suitable, our professional team can design and build your dream tree house and cause minimal damage to the tree in the process.

What Happens when the Tree Grows?

With our extensive experience in the design of tree homes, we have the ability to plan and build our tree homes to allow room for growth, this in the form of gaps and mounts that allow the tree to grow naturally. All designs and all trees are different, so we provide bespoke solutions to your needs which will allow you to enjoy your luxury home for many years to come.

Do the Tree Homes need Maintenance?

Just like many luxury items, tree houses require loving care and maintenance to keep them in the same pristine condition as when they were first constructed. Because of this, we offer yearly and ongoing maintenance packages, get in touch with us today to discuss our servicing and maintenance plans!

How Long does a Luxury Tree House Last?

All our bespoke tree homes are built using high quality materials that are treated for longevity and resistance to damp and rot. We also use purpose-built hardware and fastenings. This, combined with our designs that allow the tree to grow, and our yearly service packages mean your tree home will last for many years.

How does it take to Build a Tree House?

Due to the bespoke nature of our projects, the timescale for a build can vary dramatically. Dependent on the size and complexity of the home as well as the time of year and workload of our builders. As a general guide; designs, plans and quotations can take several weeks.

Will my Tree House need Planning Permission?

Elevated structures will require planning permission, if you would prefer your luxury home closer to the ground, planning will be dependent on location, size and height of the building as well as its intended use.

If you have any further questions or would like to enquire about building you own luxury tree home, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly service team.