Business Benefits Of A Commercial Treehouse

Treehouses are becoming more and more popular, just in the hotel industry, the number of people searching for treehouse accommodation has increased by 30%, making up 33% of all hotel-related searches. With this growing popularity, many businesses are beginning to think about how they can incorporate a treehouse into their business. Here a just a few of possibilities that Louka Treehomes can create for your business, to help you capitalise on treehouses popularity.

Treetop Accommodation for Hotels and Other Accommodation

The more popular use for a business. Treetop accommodation or grounded wooden huts are a great way to capitalise on the glamping craze. They can be a unique selling point of a pre-established hospitality business or installed as the main feature of a camping site on a farm or other rustic setting. Adding features such as heating, plumbing and Wi-Fi will attract a broader clientele of people interested in great views of nature and a unique hotel experience.

Wedding Venues and Guest Accommodation

Everyone wants an individually tailored and memorable wedding. Your business could offer this in the form of treehouses. They can be used as the actual venue or as accommodation that the wedding guests will be talking about for months. The team at Louka provide a bespoke design service which means that features such as lighting, heating and washrooms can be added. Our treehomes perfectly integrate luxury interior design with the outdoor experience, one that your guests will not forget.

Outdoor Class Rooms to Benefit Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning has been shown to profoundly benefit a child’s education. A treehouse can be a great hub for outdoor learning schools or part of a regular schools’ facilities. Equipping the treehouse with a smartboard, projector, Wi-Fi and other useful features can aid learning and make a teacher’s life easier and therefore make the children’s education better.

Treehouse Meeting Room – A Memorable Experience

Make a lasting impression with a treetop meeting room. All the usual meeting room amenities can be installed – Wi-Fi, heating, projectors and even phone lines can be put in place to ensure meetings run effortlessly and make a memorable experience for your client or business partners.

Holiday Lets with A Difference

When people think of holiday lets, they often imagine a tin shack on a rainy, windy British coast. This view of holiday lets can be changed with Louka treehouses. A fully insulated treehouse or hut with all the comforts of a house will be sure to appeal to people looking for a more independent holiday experience. A fully integrated kitchen, smart TV and instant hot water system can be added to give these holiday goers the luxury experience they are looking for.

A Unique Dining Experience

The appeal of an alfresco meal amongst the trees is one that doesn’t need explaining. A treehouse restaurant with a fully fitted, industrial-grade kitchen will be a great investment and draw in a lot of customers looking to experience great food with a great view on nature through the canopy.

All of Louka Treehomes’ projects are designed bespoke for the client. This means that your commercial treehouse can be completely unique to your business. If you think a bespoke treehouse could fit into your business plan, talk to our design team now.