How To Find The Perfect Tree For Your Treehouse

Having a treehouse in your back garden is a childhood dream that few people get to realise and one they carry with them into their adult life. When the time finally comes to make that dream a luxurious reality, the first step is choosing the right tree to support your new home among the trees. Here are a few things to consider when picking your perfect spot.

What Are the Best Trees for a Treehouse?

Although a treehouse can be constructed in almost any tree, if you wish to have a treehouse that is only supported by the tree without any additional posts, you may have to choose more carefully. Hardwood trees such as Oak, Walnut and Cherry offer a more sturdy structure in which to build than soft-wood trees like pine and cedar.

Is Your Tree Healthy?

Trees are susceptible to diseases, infection and injuries just as we are. However, a treehouse tree needs to be able to support the weight of your new luxury home, certain afflictions can make a tree week and the added stress of building can cause their health to deteriorate and be unable to support its load. You should check your tree for any signs of disease or damage before deciding to build on it.

Where is Your Tree Located?

It may not be something you would consider but excessive footfall around a tree can actually damage it. The compacting soil can have an adverse effect on the roots (which can stretch more than double the distance of the branches) this makes the tree less stable and puts your new tree home at risk. When you choose a location, try and choose a more secluded area where fewer people walk or, if this is unavoidable, consider laying wood chips around the trunk of the tree to try and disperse the pressure.

Don’t Choose Your Favourite Tree

You may have a tree on your property that has always been your favourite and it may be tempting to choose it for your new treehouse. However, the process of building a treehouse can be quite strenuous for the tree, requiring mounting points to be drilled into it to support the treehouse. Not only this, a treehouse will significantly change the outline of the tree – replacing its natural beauty with the eye-catching image of your new treehouse. Because of this, you may want to consider a tree adjacent to your favourite one, allowing a view of it in its natural form.

Get a Professional Opinion

After following these steps and choosing your perfect tree, you should then talk to a professional. Louka Treehomes can arrange a site visit to assess the chosen tree and ensure that it will be a safe and secure structure to build your new luxury tree home on. After this, you’re ready to begin the design process and move closer to having your dream home away from home in the sky.

If you are considering having a treehouse built or would like to arrange a site visit. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly service team today.