The Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms and Shelters

With the amount of technology and online entertainment available to young children, they are spending less and less time outdoors. This can not only have an effect on a child’s physical health but also their mental health and ability to learn. It is important, then, for schools to put more emphasis on outdoor play and learning activities. The first step in beginning to offer more opportunities for learning and play is to have the right equipment – outside classrooms and shelters have many purposes and will become a key part of outdoor learning and play. Here we have outlined some of the benefits and ways these shelters can be put to good use.

A Sheltered Place To Play

With the wild and varied weather of the UK, it would not be possible to play outdoors all year round. But, with a dedicated playground shelter, an outdoor break time becomes a much more likely possibility. They provide shelter in the colder and wetter months of the year and protection from dangers like heat stroke and sunburn in the (much shorter) summer months. Keeping the children safe all year round.

A Classroom Extension

Class sizes are growing larger and indoor space is becoming more and more precious. A canopy or lean-to style of shelter can be added to the exterior wall of a classroom. This space is perfect for craft activities, playtime and even some classes in the warmer months. The canopy allows the class to have more usable space and opens up a range of activities that would not be possible in a more cramped classroom.

Cooler Classrooms

A canopy style shelter also has the benefit of shading the classroom windows, this will reduce the temperature inside when it’s warmer, making teachers and children more comfortable and ready to learn or teach.

Additional Supply Storage

When playtime is over, a playground shelter can be a great additional storage feature. Outdoor games and other supplies no longer have to be moved inside at the end of the day which frees up space in the classrooms for other supplies and equipment. If your school has more expensive items that they need to store, roller shutters or doors and walls can be fitted to the shelters to provide a more secure area for overnight storage.

An Outdoor Classroom

The addition of walls and doors also means the shelter makes a great location to hold outdoor lessons or a forest school session. Outdoor learning is shown to boost engagement as well as a child’s learning and development, and an outdoor classroom from Louka Treehomes can provide your school with the ideal resources in which to explore this learning method and provide the broadest education for your pupils.

A Picnic Area

Hold snack breaks and lunchtime outside, enjoying the fresh air and sounds of nature. This could be used as a special treat for good behaviour or at the end of term. Not only that, but it also opens up the opportunity to hold more parent events and engage with the wider community around the school.

A Waiting Area

A playground shelter can provide a safe and covered spot for children to wait to be picked up from school. Side panels and doors will ensure the children can’t run into traffic and keep them safe and dry.

A bespoke playground shelter or outdoor classroom from Louka Treehomes will add a valuable, multi-purpose asset to your school and is sure to aid the children’s learning and development when used in fun and creative ways. Contact our friendly sales team today to begin the process of contracting your school’s shelter or canopy today.