From The Ground Up – The Different Levels of Treehouses

As the name would suggest, treehouses are typically built in trees. But, what if you have accessibility issues or even just a fear of heights? A building high up in the trees could be an issue for you. What if you don’t have any trees that are suitable for building in? Well, the team at Louka Treehomes think there are some solutions to these problems. 


Ground Level Tree Houses

 A treehouse doesn’t necessarily have to be high up in the trees, having a treehouse installed on or close to ground level makes it easier to install ramps and other means of access whilst also making it more accessible for those with a fear of heights, so everyone can enjoy the magic of their very own tree home. 

Equally, a ground-level treehouse is an ideal solution for an area without any trees available. The building can be set on foundations on the ground or set on pillars as it is slightly raised whilst still providing easy access and a more earthbound position. 


Multi-Level Treehouses 

A multi-level treehouse is the best of both worlds – You have a lower level for the people who prefer to stay grounded and a higher level for those who want to be amongst the trees. The two levels open up a wide range of fun ways to connect them. From a simple yet elegant stair set to a rope ladder, bridge or cargo net. The multiple levels also make these treehouses perfect for features like slides and firemen’s poles. 

You don’t have to stop at just two levels. Maybe you want a crows nest or observation deck? Or you want to span multiple trees? With an expert designer and builder like Louka Treehomes, the possibilities are endless. multi level treehouse


Treetop Tree Houses – How High Can A Treehouse Go?

Well, the sky’s the limit (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Obviously there are some limiting factors. Planning and building regulations must be taken into consideration as well as the limitations of the building materials but, ultimately the height of the treehouse is up to you. Imagine yourself sitting amongst the treetops, listing to the teething birds and watching the world go by or alternatively embarking on a high-speed pursuit down a zipline on the way back to your lawn!

So, whether you want to be floating amongst the treetops or you’d prefer your new hideaway a bit closer to home, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Louka Treehomes Today, and see how we can make your vision come to life.