Treehouse Safety Measures

Everyone wants their children to be able to play outside, especially in those rare moments when the weather is nice, but they also want to make sure they’re safe. A treehouse can be a magical tool for allowing little ones to enjoy their time outdoors and let their imaginations run wild and, with a few useful tips and design features, you can make sure they are still safe in their tree-top fort.

Adult Supervision 

Obviously, the best way to keep your children as safe as possible is to keep an eye on them – making sure they aren’t getting out of hand and putting themselves at risk. We all know most young children have no concept of fear or height, but keeping a constant watch over them may not always be possible. Or, perhaps you want to enjoy your time in the warm weather too? Sunbathing, reading a book or perhaps enjoying a cold drink or BBQ from your outdoor kitchen? (don’t have an outdoor kitchen yet? Talk to our sister company Louka Fine Finish). With our next few ideas, enjoying your time with peace of mind will become much easier. 


Treehouse Safety Railings

No matter if your treehouse is 2ft of the ground or 20, you don’t want anyone falling off. A beautifully crafted guard rail can not only add the aesthetics of your treehouse but also add a vital safety feature. 

rope bridge

Treehouse Safety Netting

Ideal for a children’s playhouse, safety netting can be incorporated into some of the fun features like rope ladders and cargo nets, adding hours of fun and adventure to the structure whilst providing a great safety feature. Check out some of our rope features on our Instagram


Playground Wood Chips

Kids love to jump off things, it’s hard to stop them. But this can be hard on their little joints. Using a layer of wood chips underneath their play area not only makes it look better but uses natural material to provide an impact absorbing surface. This means your little ones can fly around to their heart’s content with a much lower risk of hurting themselves. This also means you can relax more and enjoy your time in the warm weather. 

So, whether you wanted to have a treehouse built but were concerned about safety, or you want to make your existing one safer for your little ones, these tips should have you on your way to enjoying care-free afternoons in the garden with your children. If you have any questions or would like a treehouse of your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.